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Individual $60.00 1 Year 1-Jan-2010

Promotional Individual Rate $25.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Single Article Access $10.00 1 Day 31-Dec-2010

Library $249.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Reviewer reward $0.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Administrative1 $0.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Author, online access $0.00 1 Month 31-Dec-2010

Library/Corporate, vol. 9 bound $399.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Library/Corporate, vol. 10 bound $499.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Back issues, vol. 1-5 bound $995.00 5 Year 31-Dec-2010

Back issues, vol. 6 unbound $295.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Back issues, vol. 7 unbound $399.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Back issues, vol. 8 bound $399.00 1 Year 31-Dec-2010

Single issue, current volume $195.00 3 Month 31-Dec-2010

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